Friday, February 5, 2010

Thanks for all the prayers!!!

Let me tell ya: It has been one LONG week. Thank you all so much for all the prayers. Addy surgery was very successful and we are finally home and she even drank a sippy cup tonight!!! Which is very exciting for us. The surgery was Tuesday morning and it went very well with no complications from her blood disorder. We were admitted immediately after the surgery and thats where the fun began. She was pretty drugged up the rest of the day Tuesday and most of the night until 1am. She woke up screaming and crying and would absolutely refuse to take anything food, liquids, or her meds. We finally got her calmed down at about 3am and she took a little of her meds. On Wednesday she ate 1 cup of orange sherbert for breakfast but about an hour later she started throwing up and threw up about 10 cups of fluid. For the rest of the day she ate nothing, drank nothing, therefore the doctor said we either had to stay or go home with the IV. The thought of that freaked me out so we stayed. Once again she woke up at 1am and it only took an hour this time to calm her down and get her to take her meds. Thursday she once again refused to eat or drink anything. The nurse and I finally talked her into eating some ice chips. She then continued to eat two cupfuls of ice cubes. I was excited and the doctor sent us home!!! Thursday night we ate supper with my family and grandma got her to eat some meatloaf for supper. She slept pretty good woke up once at 3:30 and would only let mommy give her her meds. I had to go back to work today and I was struggling leaving her a bit even though I knew daddy would take good care of her. I was doing okay until Johnny called me and told me that she had started throwing up again. He called the doctor and the dr. said that if she couldn't hold stuff down she would have to go back...Well she kept her lunch and suppper down So hopefully we are on the uphill swing of things.
I really missed Hayleigh while I spent all my time at the hospital. She did get brought to the hospital twice. On the second time she was missing mommy too and did not want to go home and screamed for me in the parking lot from Marcee's car. I was heartbroken. I knew that Addyson needed me most, but I felt horrible for not being there for Hayleigh as well. It was terrible. The worst feeling in the world. I love both my girls dearly and I had a major melt down that night. I am so glad to be back home with both of them!!!
So this is where my week was a long and eventful week. I am tonight emotionally and physically drained. Thanks again for all the prayers and I thank God that he had a hand on my little girl this week. Love ya all, Amy

Monday, February 1, 2010

Calling all prayer warrior mommies!!!

As I have stated a few times I am a huge worry wart. I have been getting better I promise. I have really studied the scripture that states that tomorrow will have enough worries of it's own so don't worry about it....Today it's not helping though. Tomorrow my baby will have surgery. She is having her tonsils, adenoids, and another set of tubes put in her ears. I'm actually not worried about the actually procedure. I have complete trust in Dr. Moss and the staff of Jasper Memorial Hospital. I am more worried about her blood disorder and how her body will adjust to the surgery. Her blood count is finally up where we want it to be and they said that if she would happen to get dehydrated then her numbers would plummett. So please help me in praying for her body to adjust well to the surgery and that we will get to come home on Wednesday. We do have to spend the night tomorrow night so probably won't get to post until Wednesday. Thanks in advance and I love you all very much. The verse this week that has helped is Romans 8:26. I know that God is control and very much alive,,,,but what can I say I am a mommy and still have to worry...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Please Pray!!!!

Just want to take a second and ask everyone to pray for the people of Haiti. They were hit with a 7.0 earthquake. The earliest news release says complete devastion. This saddens me deeply. These poor people live in complete devastation. I can't imagine what it looks like now. I pray for everyones safety and for the future of the many people who live there. Johnny and I went to Haiti a year ago in October. We were in Port A Prince for a short time and spent all of our time in Port a Paix. Haven't heard anything about Port a Paix. Just send a little prayer their way please. Thanks Love you all.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Great Way to Celebrate Christmas!!!!

Well it has definetly been a rough year of my family. My family had never been torn apart more than it was during 2009. The devil was working overtime all year long. There were times that I could have sworn that he was winning....but FEAR NOT he has not and will not win. Yes there still will be difficult times in our life and with raising Zack and Erin. But God is in control and good will come out of this. One thing is that Zack wants to be baptized on Christmas Eve. What a better way to celebrate the birth of Christ than with a baptism. Truely showing why Jesus was sent to this earth, in order to take all our sins and so that we could be taken to Heaven with him. I am truely blessed with the things that God is doing in our lives. He is full control in the drivers seat of our lives. Thanks you everyone for all of the prayers that were sent our way during this difficult time. I know with out a doubt that we would not have survived without all of the prayers. My prayer is that everyone will have a blessed Christmas and that God will knock everyones socks off in 2010. Love ya.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Missing Things.....

I know that God is way greater than anything that I am going through and that He has overcome the world and because of that I can to.....
The older I get the more I realized how much I miss things. I miss my girls being babies and totally dependant on me for everything. I miss high school and being able to be silly and still being dependant on someone for everything. Don't get me wrong I LOVE MY LIFE. I love everything that God has blessed me with.
Right now in my life I miss something else more than anything that I ever thought was possible. I miss my sister. I miss talking to her, seeing her, our fights, our goofyness, I miss my sister so much that it hurts..physically and mentally. I never thought that my life would not include her and it sucks. I am angry at her for what she has done to her children. They love her so much and she doesn't even care. I am angry with her because my kids won't be able to get to know who she is. I am angry with her because I have to explain to my four year old daughter why she can't talk to or be around her Aunt Emmy. I am angry with her because I see what she puts my parents through and it makes me sick. I am angry with her because of how my heart feels. But I will forgive all these things just to have her back. I need her in my life. I want her in my life. I just want her back. I need her back. I pray for everyday and I know thats all I can do. I know that this is God's plan for us now, I don't understand it, I dont like it, but I know that HIS WILL WILL BE DONE. Sorry for the bummer. I am just having a moment. I love all of you and pleeeeeaaaase pray for my sister for God to use whatever possible to change her life around. Love you all.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Wonderful, Amazing, God Loving, Husband

Johnny and I on vacation this past July...I love this man!!!!

Most of my blogs have been about my kids, but I am doing this one in honor of the man of life, my husband. I know without a doubt in my mind that when God formed this wonderful being 28 1/2 years ago he was thinking about me. Johnny is such a blessing in my life. We have not had the perfect marriage; there have been some major bumps in our path, but they have brought us closer together. These moments have also made him into our spiritual leader of our family that he is.
Last October Johnny and I made a very special trip together. We went on a short mission trip to Haiti. That trip totally changed my husband's life forever. He has always been a giving man, but this trip totally made my husband have a servers heart. He was/is ready to sell everything here and move there to be full time missionaries. I am the one that is dragging my feet on this. Not sure that I feel that God is calling us there...anyway...When we left Johnny gave everything that was need to make it home to the people there. It's so amazing to see him give the shirt off his back to a Haitian person that is that was half his size. Anyways, yesterday at church we were asked to suffer a little bit and leave our shoes at church. Walk home bare foot and give our shoes to people who have possibly never had shoes ever. I whole heartedly gave my shoes...I looked at my husband and knew that he had on his new Nike tennis shoes that we have recently gotten to replace the ones that were given to a Haitian kid. I asked him if he was giving his NEW NIKE SHOES, his response: "Absolutely, Why would I not". I love this man. I just pray to God that one day I have a givers heart like his. Giving, Giving, and more giving and expect nothing in return.
I thank God everyday for this man...I love him...I love him...I love him.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Preschool: A huge SUCCESS!!!!

Well the first day of preschool went off without a hitch. I only got teary eyed once. She was so cute. She was dressed (with her backpack on) and ready to go at 7:30. She asked to go then we held her off until 8 took Addyson to the sitter and we were still the first ones there. She was so excited. She talked about preschool the whole rest of the day. She said one of the cutest things ever. Don't want to post in on here because it includes another child so ask me and I will tell ya. I still get teary eyed every time I tell the story. I hope that this find everyone having a great short work week. Have a great day. Love ya.

Daddy, Hayleigh, and Addyson(being Addyson I might add). Love these three.

Hayleigh on our front porch before school.

Hayleigh in front of her locker.

Addyson kept saying, "I preschool tooo".

Hayleigh and Kayton after the first day.